Natural Weight Loss Tips – Mind Over Matter Let’s do this !

One thing humans can’t do is outsmart your own brain! The moment you tell yourself you are going to work on weight loss tips your brain would say ” Let’s store up on food so when hunger comes”. This is the reason why most people get hunger pangs!. This makes you gain more weight before shedding the pounds.

To help you with this here are some tips that will guarantee losing about 2 inches after 30 to 35 days. Take this tips seriously and you would see success, don’t and gain all the extra pounds. First you should start by psychologically preparing your mind to accomplish your goals.

Get Eight Hours A Sleep A Day








A lot of people out there think that sleeping can cause fats to accumulate more.

This is by far of the greatest myths that have been proven wrong. Doctors have always recommended that sleeping is a great quick weight loss tip. Studies show that a certain hormone balances your appetite while sleeping. This is the same hormone that tells you that you are full. It is called leptin. On sleep results in leptin levels to go down and your brain commands you to eat more.

Eat Healthier

All junk foods and sweets are irrestibile

These are the food that puts those nasty calories in your diet and messes up your look. Instead of the chips, soda and starburst munch on carrot sticks or cucumber.

Want ice cream?

Instead of dipping your spoon in ice cream, dip it in some low fat or non-fat yogurt.

A little sacrifice will go a long way for you to get to your weight loss target. Want the sweets? Go visit your fruits and vegetable shops. These are great substitutes to relieve your cravings.

Sweat it out

Most people just don’t have the time to go to the gym or even jog in the park/ Simple home exercises can do great things.


Crunches: This simple exercise can do wonders in flattening out your bulging tummy.

Lay flat on your back and lift your knees while your feet are flat on the floor. Start lifting your torso trying to get your forehead close to your knees

Sounds hard?

Begin with 5-10 lifts a day. Do this continuously and regularly and you would see massive success.Days will go by and it would get easier and easier. Increase the numbers and the days increase.


Running up and down the stairs: This would work wonders for your lungs and toning your legs.

No Stairs?

Get a ledger or stool that is about 6 inches in height. Alternate between your left and right feet and step up and down. Try 50 steps first and increase the number by day.

Keep telling yourself you look good and that you are awesome!

The brain needs to be convinced that what you are doing is working!


Adam Redhead

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